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Chaos Works Inc.

The strength of ChaosWorks is in the approach to solving technical problems, uncompromising support of the clients, and the recognition for the need to develop a lasting and equitable relationship with the people who are engaged with ChaosWorks.

The company currently is comprised of two permanent members, Dr. Mahan Chehrenama, the President, and Dr. Aref Fouladi, the Chief Scientist, as well as a number of contracting consultants.  This approach to resource management allows ChaosWorks to bring unique, highly focused, and specific experience for solving the problem at hand, while keeping the cost of a solution low. The institutional history and the accountability is retained by the permanent members.

Dr. Chehrenama, a board certified neurologist, brings her years of experience in managing a large successful clinical practice as well as a research center. Dr. Chehrenama oversees and manages the operations and financial matters at ChaosWorks.

Dr. Fouladi, formally trained in theoretical physics, brings over 25 years of experience in product development, system engineering, and technical leadership.