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ChaosWorks, a product development and engineering services company, is your partner in bringing new products to life. We strive to develop elegant, affordable, and straightforward solutions.

Our services include:

Wireless communication
Antennas: Characterization, Element and Array Design,
including DF
Geolocation: DF, TDOA, FDOA, TOA
System Engineering for Mobile and Point to Point
System Performance Characterization 
Testing for Requirements Compliance
Field Deployment and Testing
Digital Signal Processing: Algorithms, Implementation
RF Design: Circuits, Modules, and Systems
Embedded: Algorithms on COTS HW, PIC, and FPGA
Contract Product Research and Development: Customer Owns the IP
Feasibility Studies: Mathematical Modeling of Systems,
Detailed Reports, Study, and Analysis of observed data
Technical Consulting: Expert engineering and technical consulting services for DRT systems, and DRS handheld radios
Lasers & Fiber
System Engineering: Semiconductor Laser based
Coordinate Measurement Systems, Short Haul Fiber
Optics, and Short Range Free Space Communication
Design: Fiber Optics, and Photonics based Modules and
Systems for RF->Fiber->RF, Subsystems for moving
Large volume Digital Data at High Rates and Low Power
Wireless communication